I didn’t grow up ice skating or tobogganing – I was born and raised in a tropical country. When Canada adopted me in my 30s, I was excited to enjoy winter the way I saw it in the movies. The first time I saw the snow, I was shocked to see the perfection of the shapes of the snowflakes. I couldn’t believe I was seeing those beautiful shapes with my naked eyes.

Before living up here, I thought those perfect symmetrical crystals were only visible under a microscope. 

Dalhai Vela founder of Snowflake Jewelry. Real snowflakes mounted on Sterling Silver.

I needed to find a way to preserve a snowflake so that I could send it to my family. That’s how snowglobe started. Three years later, I was able to successfully preserve the first snowflake to send to my family. They obviously loved it!

I perfectly remember the day I fell in love with jewelry. I was 4. Since that day, I’ve found that jewelry is more than just an accessory; it tells a lot about the people who wear it; it tells a story; it is a symbol of what the wearer believes in; it is a reminder of their values. That is why family heirlooms are often jewelry pieces.

This collection of jewelry is designed to purposefully display the beauty of the Canadian North. Here, at the top of the world, nature is so beautiful and untouched by humans – and it is truly inspiring. It is a place with rich culture and beautiful souls that are eager to share their culture with the rest of us. I draw inspiration from this beautiful place and translate it into designs that fit our everyday lifestyle.

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