Snowglobe earrings
Snowglobe earrings

Snowglobe earrings

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Snowglobe earrings with real snowflakes are made to order. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks. Snowflakes are carefully chosen to look good together and will be 4.8 mm or larger. 

Snowglobes were created to capture a picture-perfect place and mesmerize us with the beauty of what’s inside the glass. Your snowglobe earrings will be a symbol of that perfect moment or place that will give you strength every time you look back at it.

This design is very versatile. It was designed to be see-through to match with any outfit. This best-seller has a 360˚-design that makes it even more special.

Size: 15 x 21 mm

What’s included?

  • Snowglobe earrings with 4.8 mm snowflakes or bigger;
  • A sterling silver chain of the length of your choice;
  • A Certificate of Authenticity stating the snowflakes' details;
  • Instructions for care, and the story behind snowglobe;
  • Gift-wrapping with a magnetic closure box.

How is it done? We literally catch the snowflakes when they are falling, we work outdoors, in the frigid cold of Northern Canada. Then, we preserve them with our in-house developed process (patent pending).

Handmade in Yellowknife, NT Canada.

Includes Sterling Silver chain.

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